Monday, December 12, 2005

A sudden self Realisation

I happened to check the synonym of the word - "Ungrateful" and found it to be "Not feeling or exhibiting gratitude, thanks, or appreciation". Well, something strikes me. This whole stuff sounds familiar. Where did i see this! where did i hear this! I started racking my mind. I dont know where i saw that. but still everything sounded too familiar.

It was then, realisation struck me. The process of self realisation always helps you discover deeper depths, inner implied meaning of a lot of things. Shit!... how did i miss that! Everyday....every minute... i 'm living in the midst of it, it is right here....surrounding me...always around me.... but still i was too lazy, or probably too immature or even naive, to note that i was surrounded by it.

No one really accepts it heartily that he/she was fooled. The feeling is not exactly quite comfortable. Now, with that uncomfortableness, i start realising i was fooled. Didnt even have a clue as to what was happening. Not once, but a hundred time!

Why did i allow myself to be manipulated ! How did i allow myself to be manipulated ! It just reminds me of a towel! when you need that, you search for it, find it! Ok, you use that! juz throw that and move ahead! You dont care what happens to it! Your work is done! Thats was all, you wanted !

Yeah, true. This world is like that. The small world that i saw in BITS is not the real one. World is much bigger, much deceptive, a thousand times more cunning than i thought! Lies, hate, ungratefulness, jealous - Every where. Every one is actually waiting to use someone else to get his work done. If you close your eyes for a minute, that it. You find that a hundred people have used you but only a few genuinely care about what is happening to you! Till you find those "few" people, life is difficult. Everyday survival is just a battle!