Monday, October 24, 2005


Some people say Life is beautiful while other consider Life to be nothing more than a mere burden. Well, how do i see Life? what is my perception ? I have never thought about this. Not till this very moment.

I will call Life, a mystery, probably more interesting and thrilling than a Ludlum's novel. It is a mystery, that is waiting to be solved. Everyday, the things that unveil are so varied, different, interesting and above all, unexpected. You can expect every god damn unexpected thing to happen. Every now and then, it keeps springing surprises. Be it good or bad, whatever it is, its a sweet mystery.

Never had any plans for the future. Its always too easy to take things as it comes. Nothing to worry. No big plans on hand. Sit and relax till you encounter something. How wonderful it is! Yeah,true!nothing to care about...worry about...But this one doesn't always work out. You , sometimes, have to stay prepared for a few things.

Its not always a cake walk. Sometimes, you need to really fight hard for survival. If you haven't planned, you might not be in a position to face the situation, for no one is an expert in handling all the challenges that life throws at you.

May be, this is the reason for my change - from "a careless, dont care about the future - guy" to "a worried about the future - guy"! With age, comes responsibilities, and of course, few worries too! But, probably thats the beauty of life. In every phase, you come across new things and eventually you learn to tackle that too. So, guess i have hit such a thing and its time to learn a few things!


Vijesh said...

Ladies and Gentleman meet the new philosopher "Karthik Subramanian"

So much talents in such an young age!

praga said...

enna karthi..rombha philosophicalla attack panra..hmmm..well said than..but engalukum andha transition eppdii nnu sollen...useful aa irukkum !! ;)