Monday, October 24, 2005


I'm not a saint and so are you! May be saints don't wish for anything or don't have any expectation. Even that is not true. He's always waiting for salvation. Expecting an answer to his life or whatever! Everyone of us have expectations.

You get up in the morning expecting a bed-coffee from your mom. You get ready. Go to the office expecting some better assignment than your current boring one. You submit your code to your manager expecting some recognition, a word of praise, encouragement. All in all, right from dawn to dusk, you have few expectations.

Well, with expectation, there comes every possibility of disappointment. You expect something to happen, but it turns out to be other way round. You get disappointed. It can be a small disappointment like missing your bed-coffee to a bigger one like missing your promotion. Whatever it is, disappointment surely pulls your spirits down.

Once you get disappointed, you recover quick. It happens twice, fine. you can take that too! but if it keeps happening, then comes the problem. You start thinking. Why does this thing happen. Why does this thing "always" happen! That too, only for me! Then, there comes the transition. Your disappointment changes into frustration.

May be, you can overcome frustration too! But, when things don't go well, when you are already frustrated, then comes the biggest problem of all. Your frustration turns into depression. All the way, if you have had some support, probably it would have been better, may be you wouldn't have come to that state.

Few people stay fine, when they dont think much ( Anand, Praga- guess you know who i'm talking about! others ignore and move ahead!). Once they start thinking, then comes the problem. When people go to a depressed state, they start thinking a lot. Lot of crazy stuffs, real crazy stuffs. So, what is the solution? The best solution, probably, is "Dont have any expectations!", which ,of course, is not possible in one way or the other. So, finally, it boils down to "A Solution-less Problem Case!". You get into it, you go through that. Only you know how to come out of it!

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praga said...

psentimental attack aa idhula...all side attack pola !!

DON"T EXPECT ANYTHING !! whtever u say..its a 100 % acceptable one !! in one way or the other as u said !!