Thursday, November 10, 2005

Diwali madness!

Diwali - The Festival of lights! The day, Lord Krishna killed Naragasura. Well, thats what oldies will say when you ask them what is diwali! May be its nothing more than a way to earn two days holidays or way to take a break from your busy n boring life. May be this is what a Bangalorean will say!

A typical lower middle class family man sees this as an oppurtunity to get his children some new clothes, crackers, sweets... get his wife some new sarees.... the much awaited break to take his family to his In-Law's place....or probably to some movie. whatever it is, surely its the time for the whole family to be enjoy...atleast once in a year!

Every city certainly springs into a rocking mood for diwali. Coimbatore, this normally silent city (silent after the serial bomb blast) has certainly got back on its feet for this diwali. That was visible from the rush that was there in every shop! Crowded Streets, Crowded shops, Crowded buses!It was evident from everything!

The day before diwali, you could see every two wheeler carrying more than two people! I started wondering why there was such a madness ! You can see every shop overflowing with eager and anxious people who rush to make their last minute purchase. Sure, diwali is the time to enjoy. Everyone have every right to do that. But not at the cost of others....others happiness!Well, i started realising the fault wasn't theirs!

Coimbatore being a city of mills, having as much mills as the colleges there(though only a handful of them are operating these days!) has a huge number of people working in mills and other industries. Every year, they get bonus for diwali from the mill and industries. People start planning and make their list of purchase well in advance...i wont be surprised if i learn that they had started their planning as early as June! But the mill owners just drag n drag till the very last minute. Exactly a day before the festival, they give the diwali bonus to the workers. In such a situation, what else do you expect ! just madness...craziness everywhere! What are they going to lose if they give that money sometime in advance! If they have decided to give the money, then why should he hold that back till that very last moment! If people get that amount in advance, it will atleast allow the people to make their purchase at their leisure, not in such a hurry!

Well, when are they going to learn to be rational! This mad rush could really turn out to be disastrous! Already we hear a lot of people have got killed in Stampede...road accidents.. and a lot more on this diwali eve!Sad things happening when it was actually the time to be happy! when are they going to realise their mistakes! If done once, its mistake...If its repeated again, then its a blunder! Wonder who is going to put an end to these blunders!

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Vijesh said...

A sign of awarness about the society.. You started to think beyond.. Transition from being dependend to being Independent!